Thursday, January 1, 2009

WoW Update & Thoughts

It's about all I've been playing while out of town. I've got my Warrior up to 28 now, and I've been exploring a couple of new zones and doing a bunch of quests. My gear is crap, and while that doesn't matter so much since 99% of the time I'm soloing, it means that I kind of suck in groups, and I get my ass handed to me in PvP. The latter could just be that I'm a noob at dueling and ganking, but regardless, I'm looking to correct this.

My WoW gaming, while taking up a lot of time, has been remarkably casual. I've barely done any forum-browsing or database searching in my off-game time. Reading a strategy guide on the plane and around my parents' place is really about it so far; something that is very much in stark contrast to the way I played and obsessed over FFXI. This is probably at least partly due to the fact that so far WoW is primarily a solo experience. I almost never even talk to another player, let alone be required to spend hours LFG just to go grind out some XP. I've kind of felt that this is a double-edged sword, though. What keeps people from getting all the way to the level cap and being totally ignorant of how groups work, or of how to behave in one? FFXI players, for the most part, are damn well trained by the mid to late game.

Just something I was pondering.


Catherine said...

That last bit is exactly how I ended up in WoW when I tried it. I didn't obsess over it, because there was no real need to; noone really talked to me so I really felt like it was just a single player game. And a single player game I didn't enjoy particularly much :)
I preferred the community feel of FFXI and the fact that even if a player was pretty shit, they still could probably do the basics by level 40-50. And you didn't feel bad bitching them out for not if they sucked, because they *should know* by now. Hehe :)

Count Elmdor said...

Exactly. I'm going to guesstimate for now that the most challenging WoW endgame raids will be relatively simple and easy in comparison to things like Dynamis runs and god fights let alone sea Jailers.

Necovia said...

I've been messing around with my buddy's account and evaluating WoW for about a week now (Lvl 70 druid) and I can say there's as much community as you want in the game without being forced to take part in it. While I enjoyed playing with you guys in FFXI, most of the time I felt like I was just sitting around waiting to do something fun because I couldn't do anything alone except farm. In WoW, you can grind solo or in a group if you want, and if people give you grief about your gear, you can find someone else to party with or go do it on your own. Other than our linkshell, I never felt like anyone in FF wanted me around, and were in fact, directly in competition with me most of the time for PT spots, Gil, etc.

Count Elmdor said...

Interesting insight.

You ought to start your own character, on Blackrock server with me. 90% of the fun in these games is in the character progression, but maybe that's just me.

Others say the game begins at 70 (or I guess 80, now).

I just got to level 30, and I think that means I can get a mount now. I'll fuck around and look next time I play. See how casual I am?