Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PQ Victory! Plus, a Wii

Beat Lord Bane on my first attempt tonight! And now, I am finally done with Puzzle Quest. I did every quest I could find, and I got all but that one crafting achievement. Maybe I'll come back to the game when the expansion hits for that one, but for now I have to swear off of this thing to get some other games out of the way. It's too addictive!

A good friend has owed me a decent chunk of money for a while now, and as payment he's sent me a Wii and a bunch of games.

Now, this is awesome, but... the thing smells like it's been in a smoker's house for two years, and the wiimotes and nunchuks are all grimy and nasty, not to mention without the original battery covers. Instead, they have a type of cover that holds rechargable AAA batteries and a third party charger kit thingy. So, these wiimotes and nunchuks (and Brunswick Pro Bowling... lol) are going to Game Trader ASAP, and will be replaced by fresh ones (going to have to pick up a Wii Play pack, I suppose). I also need the wi-fi dongle thing if I'm going to get any VC/Wii Ware titles.

I hooked the thing up, though, and it works just fine. The core unit and cords and stuff aren't near as dirty as the controllers, thankfully. I guess I'm going to have to get my Wii game on at some point. I've had 5 pretty solid games gifted to me (3 from this friend, 2 from my brother-in-law). I won't lie though, I'm more excited about VC games than anything Wii native! Guess I'll need to pickup a classic controller or wavebird or something, too. Oh, and I just remembered the thing plays GameCube games as well...


Greg said...

Grats man!! Hey, if you get online with the new, fresh Wii, we should exchange friend codes. I have the following Wii games and would be happy to share my opinions if you are interested:
1. Twilight Princess, 2. Mario Galaxy, 3. Mario Strikers Charged, 4. Mario Kart, 5. Metroid Corruption, 6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I've been playing a bit of Galaxy and Kart lately. Just got my 60th star in Galaxy and made an attempt at Bowser. I had a hard time just making my way to him. In fact, I gave up out of frustration before I could make it.

The game has some cool moments and can be challenging but sometimes I feel like most of the challenge comes from the often poor in-game vantage point.

As for Kart, I'm getting my ass handed to me in the 150cc cup series. I've been holding my own online against those with a similar rating. This is definitely the Wii game with the best online functionality.

Count Elmdor said...

I had to run out and pick up a component video cable because the Wii's graphics are all blurry in 480i on my TV.

I also picked up Boom Blox, since it looks like the best quality "casual game" out there. It's pretty cool! My wife saw me playing it and pretty much immediately wanted to try it out. Such is the power of the Wii over the non-gamer!

I should mention though, that she got pretty hardcore about Hot Shots Golf on PSP back when I first got that. She maxed that game out to 100% as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I've got a Wii too! You don't need a wi-fi dongle, the Wii has it built in!

Greg said...

Well then, we must exchange Wii codes.

Today I beat the final boss battle in Mario Galaxy. Now I'm working towards collecting all the stars but my interest in this game is starting to fade.

necovia said...

I'm still stuck in Liberty City at the moment. But we shall do up some Mario Strikers soon!

Count Elmdor said...

I'll have to look up my friend code and write it down next time I fire up the Wii. So far it's been nothing but Boom Blox, which is pretty fun.

Looking around the VC stuff, damn it's expensive! 5 bucks for an NES game? I mean, I knew the prices before I got my Wii, but they didn't really sink in until I was actually weighing the price vs. money I've already spent on games I haven't even tried yet!

Like Necovia, I'm still playing GTA IV. According to the stats page, I'm about 26% through (with the story).

Greg said...

I was planning to hold off on getting GTAIV until I picked up a PS3 but now I'm starting to have second thoughts. I have heard the PS3 version has more bugs than the 360.

Mario Strikers rocks! I actually played it the other night and had a lot of fun. It is deceptively deep.

Count Elmdor said...

For what it's worth, I have yet to encounter any bugs or noticeable problems of any kind on the 360 version.

Plus you get achievements and better online support for multiplayer and such. I think everyone has more people on their 360 friends list than PSN.

I just think that MS hit the nail right on the head with online integration this gen. Sony seem to have their heads in the sand in this regard. They really should have included a bluetooth headset with every PS3, and where is Home already? Don't even get me started on Nintendo...