Friday, May 2, 2008

April Pick-ups

1) Ikaruga

2) Ninja Gaiden DS rocks, Monster Hunter is ok, and I picked up Rondo of Swords because the battle system looks really interesting.  Also, a buddy of mine just got a job at Success, the Japanese developer behind it.

3) Last-gen refuses to go quietly into the night!  My RPG pile continues to grow!

4) Current-gen in full effect.  I just started GTA IV; so far, so good.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the hype (though I don't usually by into it that much: Mass Effect was an 80% maybe) but I am loving GTA IV. Maybe it's the upgarde in visuals, but it feels to me like I'm actually playing something like the Sopranos. The fact that the combat is spruced up definitely helps, too. The attention to detail in the city is SICK.

And yeah, woot! Success!

Anonymous said...

yeah, having just been playing San Andreas fairly recently, it's really easy to appreciate all the improvements that have gone into GTA IV. There are still a few little issues (more interiors would be nice, and more interaction with the random objects and people in the city), but the playability has really been upped from the last-generation games.

The new targeting system is much, much better, and the taxi system makes stuff more convenient, too. The writing is great, too. These are the best cinematics in a GTA game yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude,

I just finished reading "The Assissination of JJ by the Coward RF). It's the book the film was based on. Wicked read. Had no idea Bob Ford opened a Saloon in Las Vegas, NM. I gotta see that shit the next time I'm there!