Monday, January 12, 2009

Light Week

I didn't play much at all this past week. I put about an hour into Killzone, a couple into Metroid Fusion, and about the same into WoW. I was getting over jet lag part of the time, and the rest of the time making good on my fitness resolution, watching movies and shows on Netflix, and watching the fallout from the EGM closure/massive 1UP layoffs online. EGM used to be so awesome back when I was in high school. You know what else was true of that time? We didn't have the Internet in practically every home in the world where anyone cares about gaming.

If I had to name the one big thing I did, it would be (in WoW) to have finished up all of quests in my level range in the Stonetalon Mountains zone. Next I need to finish up the Ashenvale stuff, and try to catch up on instances, too. I got my dire wolf mount, also, which is cool.

At the top of my list of priorities for completion right now is probably Metroid Fusion, because it'll probably be the quickest and easiest to get through, but also because I've been playing it off and on for god knows how long, and I really need to finish it to be caught up on the (real) Metroid series. They really need to come out with that rumored Metroid Dread for the DS.


Necovia said...

You played Zero Mission? That's the only one I need to play to finish the 2-d series! Yeah, I even played MP: Pinball!

Necovia said...

BTW, Killzone is pretty good, but very hampered by technology. The weapons were cool and the rugged, more realistic feel seemed much more "hardcore" and "warlike" than the Halo universe.

Count Elmdor said...

Haven't played Zero Mission yet, but it's just a remake of the first game. Nothing new plot-wise.

These days I'm really fucking low on game time.. it kind of sucks.

Necovia said...

Yeah, working out will do that. Kills your game time. Even when you wanna game, you're usually too tired.

Greg said...

Damn. I just finished GOW2, all acts (except training level) with a buddy of mine and neither of us got the "friends with benefits" achievement. Completing the training level may do the trick but I am doubtful. A quick search revealed this to be a well-known achievement glitch...

Count Elmdor said...

That blows. I've also heard that some people wouldn't get the "Seriously..." acheivement in Gears 1 until WELL after the supposed 10,000 kill requirement.

Say, anyone want to go through Gears 1 again, on Hardcore, for the achievement and ability to play as RAAM in Gears 2? I'm going to be doing this soon.

That spider boss in Metroid Fusion is a bitch!!!!! If it gets you in its mouth it does this insane body slam that takes like 2 and a half energy tanks away. I had to fight that thing like 5 times before I finally won.

Necovia said...

Dude! I am down to do Gears 1 on Hardcore! Let me know when. I will be on this Sunday (Saturday night for you, I guess.)

Also, I don't remember Fusion being all that hard. God I love Metroid. If it came down to Castlevania or Metroid, I think I would have to just kill myself.

Count Elmdor said...

ooh, that would be so tough. The series are so tied together now... Or is it just CV that's tied itself to Metroid?

Graphics: I love gothic and Lovecraftian horror, but on the other hand I love space and alien worlds, too. CV loses some points for it's Modern and WWI/WWII era dalliances.

Music: I have to give it to CV, here, hands down, though Metroid's music isn't bad; it's very ambient and suits the series very well.

Gameplay: Have to go with Metroid, since although I love the classic CV formula, those games are hard as balls, and the only one I ever beat was CV II, which is more RPGish, anyway. Also, CV practically stole Metroid's entire design with SotN

3D adaptations: Metroid. 'nuff said.

Series fatigue: CV is definitely the more whored-out. Pinball > Judgment.

Primary weaponry: Whips vs. Arm Cannons? Who can say?

Count Elmdor said...

Oh, and: You and I started a Hardcore playthrough once and got to the end of act 1. Do you still have that save?

I can start as soon as I get my copy of the game back, hopefully tomorrow.

Necovia said...

Yep, still got the save, brother!

Greg said...

Can beating GOW1 on hardcore be glitched just by playing the last level on that difficulty or do you have to go through the entire campaign?

Greg said...

Head to Circuit City if you haven't already to look for cheap games. I picked up the following for $12.96 each:

Condemned: Criminal Origins
Blue Dragon

Yes, not stellar games but all should easily be worth the price paid.

Count Elmdor said...

The achievement is specifically for defeating General RAAM on hardcore, so you probably could just do that.

I kind of was wanting to play through the entire game again, though, and I already went through Act 1 Hardcore last night. Solo, it was kind of hard, but not too frustrating.

I just ordered a new PC!