Saturday, May 26, 2012

Diablo Three-feated

Or, "D3feated," perhaps.

Here's my character sheet as I roll Meiairi into Nightmare difficulty for more sick 'quips:

I've been having a burning hell of a time with Diablo III. I've been lucky enough not to really have any issues due to the always-online nature of the game. I just wish they'd sort out the auction house situation once and for all. As of this writing, commodities auctions are still down, meaning I have a crapload of gems sitting in my stash  just taking up space. I'm not currently investing any gold into the jeweler, because the blacksmith and my own gear and storage costs don't leave anything left.

I'm given to understand that 'the game doesn't really begin until Nightmare,' which I think is garbage because I spent somewhere around 30 hours enjoying the color-coded loot out of Normal difficulty. I'll give those angry Internet men one thing, though, and that's that even in the first hour of Nightmare I've encountered a few blue and yellow mobs with new traits affixed that made them much more of a hassle to click to death.

Now that I've plowed through the game for the first time, I can leisurely settle into the long, long lifetime this game is going to have, if Diablo II is any indication. Eventually, I'll probably play every class to 60 at least once. No need to rush things. I'm just going to sit back from time to time, put on a podcast, and star wearing out the mouse in search of something to sell on the auction house. 

I wonder; do they still have legendary crafting materials in the game like there were in the beta?

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