Thursday, August 19, 2010

Space-time Coordinates of Success

These are discreet regions along the axis of the fourth dimension.  All of these games are played before the heat death of the universe, it's just a matter of when.  This blog post will serve as a table of contents of sorts to an observer standing outside of time and able to navigate along its line.  Starting the publishing date of this post, most of these will occur in the future. Occurrences of the titles in bold will have occurred in the recent past, relative to said publishing date.


Greg said...

I have thought about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite but:

1. The title doesn't make sense to me
2. There is a superior (I assume) version on a big boy console

If I'm going to spend 500 hours on a game, I might as well get one I can play on a 40 inch LCD instead of a handheld I need to slap up to my mug...

Count Elmdor said...

lol, yeah the title is great big wtf, to be sure.

Even not having played MHFU, I can confidently say Tri is superior for at least two reasons, the classic controller pro, and the fact that you can play online co-op and it's relatively easy to accomplish (little more hassle than XBL/PSN, but not as much as something like Metal Gear Online or using ad-hoc party to play a PSP online through your PS3).