Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Role Playing

The last week has been pretty simple in terms of gaming. I played WoW, and when I wasn't playing WoW, I was playing Mass Effect.

Lonesteban and I took our alts (me on my Mage, Orene) to level 16 and then got online together to run the earliest available Horde instance, Ragefire Chasm. We wouldn't have been able to do much as a duo, so we recruited some folks and then managed to clear the whole instance. I won a ton of good items, including a nice blue (rare) robe. Since, I've been working on leveling up to about 20 so we can try Wailing Caverns next. It's fun to plot out how I'm going to spend my talent points in the Frost tree. I want to focus on soloability and PvP, primarily. That means a lot of defensive and control-oriented talents, which are the Frost tree's specialty.

The urge to play Mass Effect finally overcame me last week, and I caved and bought the game on Steam for 20 bucks. It's pretty sweet so far; the only bad thing was when I lost a couple of hours of running around the Citadel getting quests and absorbing the lore and atmosphere. That was more or less all made up in about 20 or 30 minutes the next day, though. I started out as a male Shepard, a soldier, but then I read that the female lead's voice acting is really good, so I started over, replaying about an hour and 45 minutes of stuff. Caroline Shepard is an Infiltrator, focusing on combat and tech skills, heavy on the pistol skill, so far. I've yet to finish the main stuff on the Citadel and take off for other parts of the galaxy, but the plot is pretty good, so far, and I like the characters.

I'm also reading the two Mass Effect novels as I play the game, for maximal enjoyment of the universe.


Greg said...

What a coincidence! I started playing Mass Effect recently with my GF. Great game with an intersting story to this point. We just got past the Thorian part.

I've also been working on finishing up PGR4, which is another great game but had the misfortune of launching around the time of Halo 3 and possibly Forza 2 (can't remember for sure). I remember that I was surprised when it came out because there was virtually no buzz. It is actually a really solid arcade racer. What sucks is that it is hard to find others to race against on xbox live.

Count Elmdor said...


Speaking of racing, the last time I played Forza 2 was I think online with you. lol

I'd go ahead and sell it, but I'm keeping it as a reminder that racing games look cool but I never get my money's worth of them because I give up way too soon.

Greg said...

lol, I haven't really played forza much since then either. I kinda suck and need to get practice before I can get any further. Lost interest pretty quick once I hit that brick wall.