Monday, July 20, 2009

Heights To Which I Don't Even Bother Aspiring

In the XBLA release of Ikaruga you can download replays of any score on the leaderboards. The no.1 playthrough is truly something to behold. There is a lot to be learned there, but in my first several attempts at mimicry, the only thing I managed to do any more quickly and efficiently was get myself killed. In my own bumbling way of playing the game, I was able to get much farther, albeit racking up a much smaller score.

I'll never be a super hardcore endgame WoW player, and I have no delusions about this. All I hope for is to hit the cap and still be entertained there by PVP, and to be able to get cool items through that with which to own the opposing faction. Especially the Death Knights. Especially the Death Knights.

I played a bunch more WoW, in what has become my weekend (and weeknight) routine as of late. I finally blew off all of my Azeroth quests and leapt head-first through the Dark Portal, and man, am I glad. After a remarkably short time questing, I already have gear that is on a whole new level compared to what I had up to this point. The greens I'm wearing from Hellfire Peninsula quests are probably comparable to blues and purples from Oldworld. There were also a couple of really cool quests where I went on bombing runs from the back of a wyvern. The only bad thing about Outland so far is the much higher frequency of being ganked. I hate to think about Northrend. I suppose I will have to pick up Wrath soonish, though.

I also spent a couple of hours leveling my Mage alt with Lonesteban's own, a Rogue. For the time being we are both of a level. A mistake in quest reward choice left me with an offhand item and not being able to wield staff, so I trained sword and dagger skills and did my best to find a one-handed main weapon with a stat I could use. In the end I bought a sword with 2 stamina for 1 gold on the auction house.

Otherwise, I played some Wrecking Crew mode in RFG. I'm going for a couple of acheivements in that along with the ones for multiplayer. I don't know if I'll ever get all of the single player ones, though, unless a patch addresses some of the issues with a couple of them. I'm debating picking up the upcoming single player DLC pack, as well, but 10 bucks is kind of a lot in digitally distributed gaming these days.

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