Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dungeon Runnin'

Ever buy a game and then, for whatever reason, have it sit and gather dust for a decade without really sinking your teeth into it? That's what happened with my copy of Diablo. I bought it around the time it came out in '97 or '98 based on the demo, and for the life of me I can't recall ever getting much farther than the Butcher, and I have no clue why I never played it much. I mean, I played through all of FFVIII and X in the intervening years. I could have better spent those 150 hours or so on it! Hell, I even played through Xenogears twice (and don't regret that quite so much).

It's not like I don't like hack 'n' slash loot games; I adored Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath for PS2. Just, for some weird reason, I never got around to giving Diablo it's due. Maybe I just gravitate toward a joypad more than mouse and keyboard.

Well, better late than never. I've had my Diablo disc floating around, and I wanted to play it a few months ago, but couldn't install it on my Mac. Then, with the D3 announcement recently, it occurred to me that my wife's computer, slow and lame as it is, does run XP, and is only around half the age of Diablo, and thus should be able to run it well. And it does. It runs it "windowed" in thick black borders due to the game's low resolution, but there's nothing at all hindering play.

I created a warrior, who is now up to level 6, and I've killed the Butcher again and am about to start level 3 of the dungeon. I'd like to finish the game this time, and then later get D2. Incidentally, this and Etrian Odyssey makes two games I'm playing concurrently that center around massive dungeons.


Anonymous said...

man, the new XBL avatars look like shit.

If I wanted Miis on every system, I'd just buy 3 Wiis. Fucked.

Count Elmdor said...

Yeah, it's a stupid idea. Worse is the fact that you'll be able to install games to the HD, but still will have to have the disc in the drive to play them.

It'll help out with loading, but about the only game I can think of that had annoying load times on 360 was Oblivion. It seems like a missed opportunity; they could come up with some other way to confirm you actually purchased the game.

Diablo rocks, btw. I've only gotten to sit down with it a few times, so I'm like level 11 on the 6th floor now.

Oh, and FF13 on 360. It was inevitable, in the West at least.

Anonymous said...

I can only guess that MS is doing it on the cheap because if they think that people are going to be coming in droves from the Wii or from whatever they're doing, they're dumb as shit. Wii was in the right place at the right time, that's all. Xbox is still too expensive, too much of a gamer machine for the masses. When the Wii fad is over, all that's going to be left is hardcore gamers. And yeah, the keeping the disc in the drive crap sucks.

FF13? I still haven't played 12!

Catherine said...

Hey Nas, Lin here :) Just dropping by to let you know I am STALKING YOU RAWR

Greg said...

LOL at buying 3 Wiis!!

I am also surprised at the xbox live avatars. They were fine with the gamerpics...

With the relatively limited space on most xbox 360 HDs (20 GB), I'm guessing a lot of people won't even utilize this feature. Hell, I hardly play my 360 and I'm struggling to keep 3 GB free.

And hey Lin, nice to see another face from the old shell (this is "Sal" btw).

Count Elmdor said...

Well, if I had to have a stalker, I could do worse!

How's the PhD coming along? :)

Catherine said...

Sal! :) Hey dude :) Nice to see you too! Do you have a blog too? :)

Anyway the PhD is coming slowly, just got back from a big scary conference in Melbourne where I gave a paper, and now I'm back into work.

I've sort of replaced computer games with knitting though, for now -- it's something I can put down at any time and I get something nice and usable at the end! But that hasn't stopped me lusting after various things -- my siblings are getting me a PSP for my birthday because I really want to play Loco Roco, after seeing it at a video game exhibition in Melbourne :)

But yeah, you can see my knitting and stuff at my blog and I have a blogspot as well, which I think you can find from my profile :) Then you'll be able to stalk me back!

Catherine said...

Oh yeah I totally forgot to mention that knitting is in no way cheaper than computer games ;) Good deliciously dyed yarns are now a lustworthy item for me and I can easily spend $100 or more at a time!

Necovia said...

Hi Linliel!

What is up? How are things! I still remember fondly your care package of Tim-tams!

Count Elmdor said...

That's awesome. One of my co-worker's wives (he only has one) is way into knitting. I heard him on the phone the other day asking someone at a yarn store to hold them a skein of some particular type.

He said she spent like $800 US on a spinning wheel.

Greg said...

Wow, I suck. In case you couldn't read my mind, I was trying to state that the whole installing of games onto the HD to reduce load times would not be that useful with a 20 GB drive.

I guess you could keep installing and then erasing as you move onto the next title but what a nuissance.

Lin, I do not have my own blog, I totally leech off of Nas here by intrusively expressing my views on his blog.

Catherine said...

Haha, hey Nec! Nice to see you too! *sniffles and group hugs at this little reunion*

And I'm always up for a little tim tam love sharing :) I still have the book you sent too!

And wow, $800 for a spinning wheel... that's some wheel! I don't want to get into spinning, even though I have a good friend who has alpacas that need some wool spun from! It's messy and time consuming and looks like a pain in the arse :)