Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time Flies

Has it already almost been a week? The big thing over this past weekend was some XBLA stuff, some Rock Band, and gearing up for MGS2. A lot of that time was spent on Puzzle Quest alone. I'm determined to play that game all the way through to the end. I have no clue how far into it I might be, though. It's just too good of a game; that devious combination of puzzle and rpg tropes is the definition of addicting.

I flew a few missions more in Ikaruga, too. I've made it up to around halfway through the 3rd level (on easy with max lives and continues). That game is beautiful in it's simplicity, and it looks great in high-def. Not a bad deal at $10, either.

I found Monster Hunter Freedom for PSP used, and in mint condition, for $20 at EB the other day, so I decided to give it a whirl. My first impressions are "someone please tell me how to play this game." A couple of times now I've gone off on my first quest for the hunter's guild, which from what I can make of the briefing, is just a test to see if you can either survive a trip out into the wilds or if you can actually find this cryptic artifact that I'm assuming actually exists, not having seen any evidence that would lead me to actually believe in it. I've just wandered around so far, attacking random things and wondering where the hell this "paws pass" or whatever it is I'm looking for is. My PSP battery died halfway through my morning commute today, and that didn't help matters.

My first couple of hours with Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance were spent reading the 3 'books' of back story in the "special" menu of the game. It's interesting how those are set up. There is meant to have been a book published by one of the minor characters in the first MGS, detailing the behind-the-scenes happenings in and around the events at Shadow Moses. The first article of interest is a mock book review of said book, the second a mock-noir recounting by a bumbling journalist of his own investigations into the incident and the book (kind of humorous), and the third is the 'book' itself, which reveals a few previously unknown facts about the Patriots, a guy called Richard Ames, and what really happened in those islands north of Alaska's Fox archipelago. Altogether this stage-setting amounts to about 500 'pages' (a paragraph or so each). I try not to dwell on what my reading all of this says about myself.

As far as the game proper, I've made it through the Tanker chapter, and about an hour or so into the Raiden section of the game. I've only played through MGS2 once in the past, so my memories of the story are nebulous at best. I'm thoroughly enjoying it to this point.


Anonymous said...

Starcraft this weekend? Hit me up at my gmail or hotmail address to let me know. We'll work something out.

Anonymous said...

I'll plan on it. And I don't know why the skype name I gave you didn't work. I'll log on there tonight and try to find you.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude,

Golden week starts on the 3rd for me. Let's meet up online for something.

Anonymous said...

oh nice, GW. I'll be online when I can. We're going to see Iron Man this weekend, and there's an Opeth concert in town on Sunday night!

Fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

I'll be on PSN playing GTA IV all weekend. You know my handle, right? same as my Xbox one. If you can't see me there, I'll be sure to leave Gmail and Skype open. I can't play multi on Xbox right now, but we can work something out. Starcraft w/ skype would rock!And yeah, I'll be going to see Iron Man too.

Anonymous said...

You're getting the PS3 version of GTA? What about the DLC?

I'm going to be on the 360 version. Looking at my friend list the other day, everyone online was playing GTA. I don't even have any friends on PSN yet. Email me your handle.

I don't know, man, if MGO is any indication, PS3 online is shaping up to be a real clusterfuck. How stupid is that shit? lol

They say Resistance is awesome because of dedicated servers though, so we'll see.