Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shadow Moses Incident Data Analysis Complete

I just polished off the rest of the original MGS tonight, clocking in a final time of 11:32 and a rank of Iguana (it said I used 120 rations? It must be counting the times I did so and then died).

Those back-to-back Metal Gear Rex fights were giving me fits. This time through the game I was using chaff grenades all over the place, and so when I needed them to avoid Rex's annoying missile attacks, I only had a handful, and it was tough making them stretch long enough to bring the beast down with my Stingers (which I had saved more than enough of).

Then there was the mano-a-mano fight against Liquid... I've always hated that part, but after a few futile attempts, I found a good strategy and was able to knock that bastard out. Not as aggravating as my last couple of times through the game.

And thennnnnnnn.... the jeep escape sequence. I died like 4 times trying that, whereas in the past I can't remember dying at all there. But, in the end, I made it out, with Meryl, since I withstood Ocelot's torture earlier.

I'm still amazed at how well this game holds up. Since this is my first time through since MGS2 came out, I caught a reference by Ocelot to a Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich of the Spetsnaz, who turns up later in Sons of Liberty. I also was able to pinpoint the moment Ocelot showed his hand in betraying Liquid, after Liquid revealed his plan to turn the base into a new Outer Heaven. Yeah, MGS still rocks.


Anonymous said...

Nice one. I think I was a gecko or some shit. No grey fox for me. Interesting about the references to the future story line. I've gotten to see MGS 4 in action several times now at Konami conferences (I get to go there because my company has some sort of tie up with them) and I can tell you: It will eat your soul. That's how awesome it is. Your soul!

Anonymous said...

wow, you get to go to conferences and shit? About games? /jealous

About the closest I've come to that is going across town to meet with the broker who handles a couple accounts that I deal with (Fred Meyer and Winco stores that sell Ajinomoto Frozen products).

But my boss is fucking cool. We've gone to see Iron Maiden and Ozzy cover bands and gotten drunk together, and I'm going to let him borrow MGS2 (he played the first way back when but hasn't gamed in a long time).

Anonymous said...

Nice one. I've been drunk with my boss as well (It's Japan, after all) and he doesn't remotely like metal. You've got me there. Still playing Starcraft? Let's hook up for a match soon.

Anonymous said...

anytime. Does Bnet have voice chat? I haven't even tried it out yet.

I picked up Monster Hunter Portable yesterday for $20 to finally see what the fuss is all about (the Japan fuss , because MH doesn't do dick here). Only sat down with it long enough to create a character, though. Then we watched "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." Good flick, and Nick Cave did the music and has a cameo, even.

I'm going to start MGS2 tonight probably.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, TAJJbtCRF was a good flick. I thought of telling you about it based on the Nick Cave music, but forgot. Sorry!

Bnet doesn't have voice chat, but we can't play over anyway because the copy I'm using (my discs are buried at my mom's somewhere) has a pirated CD key.
We can play an IP match, I think.

Oh and we can skype or whatever at the same time, but your skype name is not the one you told me