Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting Off Before the End of the Line

I was thinking about it today, and with how little I use my consoles, I am wondering if they are really necessary to have around. If not, the time to unload them would be very soon, before their successors come out. The 360 is really getting the most of my evil gaze on this one, since I have more games that I like and unplayed on the PS3--and that is also the one that I can use to stream video without a bullshit pay wall.

The lack of backward compatibility, and my antipathy for much of what Microsoft is doing in video games these days has me unenthused about their upcoming box, and with how little I use my 360 now, I'm better off closing up shop on that platform and getting rid of it, I think.

To that end, I am spending a little bit of time with every unplayed 360 game I have before trading them all in with the system (probably 3DS games and a Vita, if you can believe that). The only XBLA games I had sitting around untouched, and apparently from like 2008, were Shadow Complex and Splosion Man, so I sat down this afternoon for a little time with both. I had actually played the latter before, with a friend, but that was on her box. Nice little entendre for the eagle-eyed, there. But seriously, I had played it before, and thought it was pretty fun. That opinion holds up; unfortunately, these days pretty fun doesn't cut it, and I'm not left with any reason to continue playing it past the first few levels. I see what they're doing, and it is well done, but there was no hook in the mouthful I got of it.

I feel much the same about Shadow Complex, although I will admit that I might finish this one out were it on another platform. But, it's not, and while I had a fun 30 or 45 minutes with it, I get the picture; I've played this game at least 10 times before in other guises. Better guises, I think.

So, there's another couple knocked off the pile. Over the next couple of weeks I want to give fair shrift to Gears 3, Halo 4/Wars/CE Anniversary, and then it's sayonara, kusobako.

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