Saturday, June 16, 2012


I should make it a feature. I played a bit more Sniper Elite today, just to kind of confirm that I don't think I want to spend my precious gaming time playing all the way through it. It's a pretty cool game... for 2005, when it was released, and when I would have had time to really sink my teeth into something like that. As it is now, though, I'd rather finish off Hitman: Blood Money. The two games are not entirely dissimilar in the play style required, which is why I draw the comparison.

My Diablo III addiction continues unabated. My wizard Meiairi is now level 60, and in act I of Inferno. It will probably be a while before I am able to finish Inferno, but that's no matter, because I am now entering the prime loot farming zone. The stuff that drops in the entirety of Inferno is better than in all of the prior difficulties, of course, but there is also the fact that being at level 60 gives you the Nephalem Valor buff, which heavily boosts your magic and gold find stats. Let the killing begin!

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Mr GT Chris said...

Make sure to keep us up to date with how much money you're making :-).