Friday, July 15, 2011

Kidpocalypse Now

I've been negligent again. I can't even properly remember all the games I've played since my last post, but Steam shows a recently played list more or less exactly matching the ones I mentioned a couple of posts back. I finally finished Quake, for what it's worth. Fifteen years later. Crazy how you have to kill the final boss in that game, but fitting. I wish modern FPSs still felt like this.

In the last week, though, I've done next to no gaming due to the birth of my daughter six days ago. It's not really that there's not any free time--as I've read a good bit--it's that the free time comes in 5 minute blocks here and there. I have played precisely one level of one game since becoming a sleepless diaper changer, and I'd like to introduce you to that game with a video:

I picked up SpaceChem on the first or second day of the recent Steam sale, and it's been my most pleasant surprise in a good long while. I love this game. I love the insanely complicated and mind-bending puzzles, and I love the presentation. The graphics are nice and clean, and the music is wonderful. Most of all, though, what I like is that it is a completely new type of puzzle game. No falling blocks here or matching three to be found anywhere in this game. Check it out!

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Greg said...

Cool. I watched the space chem video and I admit, I had no idea what the hell was going on. Looks interesting though.

I've been playing Split Second on the 360 lately. Surprisingly fun game even if the difficulty is fairly high. The drifting seems a bit broken to me because I find it harder than it should be to get out of a drift without hitting the side walls of the track.