Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A lot of the games I've been playing lately are ones that have been selected by Resolution on Call Of Podcast, or are on my short list of "must finish" games that I would like to knock out before my baby is due this summer.

Portal 2 was on that list, and when it was released last week, I played through it as quick as I could across three evenings. I only made it through the single-player portion, but hope to tackle the co-op soon. I had a great time with it, just like the first. I'll refrain from talking any more about it, because just look at the internet this week. It's lousy with Portal 2 talk.

I've also been playing a lot of STALKER, another game on that short list. I think I've made some pretty good progress, such that I'm about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through it now. Maybe I can finish that game off this week, and then move on to Fallout 2 before The Witcher 2 is released. I've been live-tweeting my playthrough with the hashtag "#stalk3r," because there's constantly something cool and interesting happening in the Zone.

For Resolution, I've dug into Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 and Max Payne. Both are pretty good, and I'll carry on playing RGG3 to keep up my language practice and because I'm a fan of the series. With Max Payne, I came to a good stopping point. Maybe I'll come back to it eventually.

In the few days leading up to Portal 2's release, you could play any of the "potato sack" indie games to speed along its release. I contributed by checking out Super Meat Boy briefly (really needed a pad for this), and playing a couple of hours in Killing Floor, which plays kind of like a cross between the end scene of a Left 4 Dead scenario and Counter-Strike. You get one life per round, and kills earn you money you can spend to upgrade your arsenal between rounds. It's pretty simple, and fun.


Greg said...

I don't know why but I stopped casting resolution votes. Sorry about that. Seems like you have your hands full though with the "must finish" list.

ME2 Update: I managed not to fuck up Jacob's loyalty mission so I've got that out of the way. Not sure who I should try for next. I've been flying around the galaxy, scanning planets to get resources and perhaps discover some new side quests. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but I don't think there are as many side quests as ME1.

I was a little surprised tonight that I already moved onto Disc 2 once I initiated Jacob's loyalty mission.

Count Elmdor said...

Don't worry about it, I've got more than enough games up there!

Whenever you find a random sidequest, it'll tell you "anomaly detected" right when you first scan the planet, so you don't have to really hunt around too much for them. I think all the rest are given by NPCs around the world or emails.

I didn't realize the 360 version had multiple discs. I wonder how they do that so you don't have to constantly change back and forth?

Do you have a Steam account? I've got a free gift copy of Portal I can give you if you don't already have it. It's a "steam play" game, so it's mac-compatible, too.

Greg said...

Hey Count. Thank you for the offer on Portal!! You're far too nice. I'll pass though since I don't like to play on Mac/PC. I'm a console man at heart I suppose.

As for disc changing in ME2, I'll let you know what happens after a few more sessions. Last night was the first time I had to switch to disc 2.