Friday, April 23, 2010


I actually haven't had all that much game time this week, thus far.  It's been busy, between an evening out with people from work, and two or three nights of mostly watching episodes of Mad Men.

Yesterday I knocked out another mission in Starcraft's Zerg campaign, putting me at halfway done, but with 5 very challenging missions ahead, no doubt.

I've pretty much retired my DS at this point, and I thinned out the last of the "non-keep-forever" games this week, games I've never played and at this point never will.  I'm keeping things like my Japanese/Kanji dictionaries, NSMB, Zelda, FF titles, and a couple more, but trading away Hotel Dusk and Rondo of Swords and The Dark Spire netted me some credit at the local independent game store, which I used to pick up some Wii points, since though I love trading stuff in at that location (stuff that wouldn't be worth selling on Amazon, anyway), I don't typically buy anything there.

I used my Wii points to pick up a few Virtual Console games I felt like I needed to own, the original SMB, the Japanese SMB 2 (what we know as The Lost Levels from Super Mario All-Stars on SNES), and one of the most sought-after 16 bit action games of yesteryear, Castlevania Dracula X Rondo of Blood, a Turbo-Grafix 16 import.  I sat down for a couple of hours and played all 3 games for a while.  Retro games are hard, just like I remember.  I've got a solid VC collection started, now, with those games and the NES Zeldas.  $5 is a lot when I think about getting much of anything else, though, and the pricing for other systems on there is pretty nuts.  Rondo for $9 is excellent, though, all things considered.

I managed to finally get the Rebound achivement in Geometry Wars 2 last weekend. Lonesteban picked up the game in the half-price sale a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to see if he'd put up any scores on the leaderboards yet (he'd not, really).  I still need the two from Sequence, but that mode is too damned hard, just like the 500k+ achivements from the first Geo Wars.

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Greg said...

Anxiously awaiting Super Street Fighter IV for PS3....Must get humiliated by 13 year olds online...