Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Spoilers Galore

Two weeks, 50+ hours, and a whole hell of a lot of Renegade options later, I'm done with Mass Effect 2. The suicide mission was a success, and everyone lived, probably because everyone was loyal to Shepard and the Normandy was fully kitted out.

I completed 100% of the available quests in 100% of the star systems in the galaxy, but I was still short on credits and couldn't purchase every armor and weapon upgrade. Future DLC should bring more N7 missions so that I can finish outfitting and maybe level up to 30. Since everything went so right the first time through, and I'm pretty happy with all my individual decisions, I may not play the game again unless at some point I want to go back and do ME1 and ME2 with a new male/paragon Shepard and change things up.

The sense of purpose and consequence to all of your decisions in this series is unmatched in gaming. Throughout the end of the game, the "suicide mission," each decision I had to make was carefully considered, because regardless of your teammate's loyalties, there is a chance that any or all members could be killed. I tasked Tali with going through the vents, gave Jacob lead of the second squad both times, sent Zaeed back to the Normandy with the rescued crew members, had Jack maintain the boitic shield, and took Morinth and Legion into the final fight. There were other choices to make, but they didn't seem as crucial, such as "hurry on" at a door, or stay to fight. I hurried on, if I remember correctly. All teammates and all crew survived, and given the choice of blowing up the Collector base or surrendering it to Cerberus, I told the Illusive Man to shove off and blew it to hell.

For reference, other big Mass Effect choices:

Shepard: full Renegade, about 1/3 Paragon
Lovers: none, almost got Jacob, though
Council in ME1: dead, humans in charge
Kaiden: dead
Wrex: head of Clan Urdnot on Tuchanka
Liara: helped in ME2, looking for Shadow Broker
Rachni: extinct
Tali: loyal, not exiled
Garrus: loyal, helped him get revenge
Miranda: loyal
Jacob: loyal
Mordin: loyal, posesses Genophage cure
Grunt: loyal, killed Thresher Maw
Zaeed: loyal, got vengeance
Jack: loyal, got vengeance, killed guy
Thane: loyal, bonding with son
Samara: dead by Shepard's will
Morinth: loyal, still Ardat-Yakshi
Legion: loyal, destroyed heretic Geth
Quarians: advised against war on Geth
Collector Base: destroyed
Blue Suns: base destroyed (sub quest)
Blood Pack: base destroyed (sub quest)

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Greg said...

Listening to #19 right now. Man, no offense to Seth but his review is putting me to sleep. It was about as interesting as listening to an Organic Chemist describe the process for synthesizing the food dye, red #6....