Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oblivion is so broken.

So I'm getting near the end of the main quest line, and I have to escort the new emperor across the city (fuck escort missions). Oblivion likes to autosave every time you rest or go through a door. So I'm going through a door with the emperor in tow, I get through, and get a message that the emperor has died and now all hope is lost... AUTOSAVING. Way to fucking go!

There's no resurrecting the emperor, either. The only choice is to go back to my closest manual save, about an hour back. EXCELLENT DESIGN CHOICE. Why don't we lull the player into a false sense of security by saving every 5 minutes and then fuck them right over with dead end scenarios like your escortee not going through the door at the same time as you (wtf?) and being able to straight up die, forever, when the other dumbass npc with us just keeps getting "knocked unconscious" time and time again, only to rise 3 seconds later?

This is, of course, not to mention the game's larger issues, such as game-breaking monster leveling issues necessitating cranking the difficulty down all the way to play a character that focuses on anything other than brute strength and combat, a wholly worthless third person perspective, clunky combat, and the longest load times since, well, ever. Really, this game is good despite its myriad of attempts at self-sabotage. I hope Fallout 3 was left in the oven a little longer, figuratively speaking.

Edit: Went back and finished the main questline. All it took was getting through the door without a glitch! I'm counting this as beating the game. I want to go and finish all of the guild quest lines as well, though.


Greg said...

I'll keep that in mind when I eventually get back into Oblivion. It sounds pretty damn frustrating to say the least.

Btw, I picked up some new games this weekend. First was Little Big Planet. Awesome game if you have any interest in platformers, even if only a tiny bit. The story mode is pretty fresh and challenging in certain parts. It is a blast to play story mode co-op online and it is fun to check out the user created content.

If you guys pick it up, definitely look me up for some multiplayer.

I also got Gears of War 2 with some trade in credit. I haven't had a chance to spend much time with that title yet. When I opened the case, I was pleasantly surprised to find a free download of 5 re-made multiplayer maps from the first game inside.

I also nabbed Mass Effect for $30 from Target. So many great games I still need to pick up...

Looking at this Holiday's console releases, the absence of a must have title for the Wii is very disappointing. Xbox and PS are really delivering the blockbusters. As far as I know, the Wii just has the usual onslaught of 3rd party drivel and Wii Music. WTF Nintendo?? WTF...

Count Elmdor said...

Indeed, the Wii is pretty barren when it comes to anything approaching "core" games. 99% of what appears on the platform is shovelware. It's pretty telling when a game's box art looks like something a seventh grader could work up in an hour. Look, I mean really look, at the Wii section in your local retailer to see what I mean. It reminds me of those racks of $5 PC games you see in office supply stores.

It's looking more and more like the PC is going to be where I do a lot of gaming (once I get one...). Many of the big-name games I'd buy for 360 are also on the PC, and typically with enhancements. Just today I read that Mirror's Edge will be coming to PC next year, probably just in time for me to pick it up with extra levels or something, too.

Anonymous said...

Doooo eeeet!

Greg said...

Aww bummer Nas. I guess I'll be seeing even less of you online than I already do!

I think I will always primarily be a console gamer, at least until consoles disappear or something drastic happens. There is something to be said for standardization and this is certainly both a strength and weakness of the console paradigm.