Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Current Rotation

Most of this past week I've been going back and forth between Halo 3 multiplayer and Rock Band 2, with a little bit of Diablo II and SMT: Nocturne thrown in there for spice. This is the current status quo, and it's hard to imagine it changing much in the near future. Three of those games are the perennial type, ones that you can just keep coming back to forever and ever. The fourth is one of those cursedly long JRPGs that eat my life for months at a time. Perhaps for the sake of progress I should spend more of my time on Nocturne per time spent on the others.

I've gotten a number of remarkable achievements in this Halo 3 Indian Summer I've been having, including the Double Double (2 Double Kills in a ranked free-for-all game) today. I actually had 4 doubles that game. Relatively speaking, I was on fire. I still finished in the bottom half of the scoreboard, though. Tough crowd. Halo multi is a ton of fun, but it's a good thing I don't give a shit about my kill/death ratio, because it's terrrrrrrible. I'm the type of guy that like to just jump on a mongoose and go headlong kamikaze into the other team's base just for the thrill. I also like sticking guys with plasma grenades and blowing up warthogs with rocket launchers. This is making me want to go play some more.

Oh yeah, Tokyo Game Show was this past week. Yeah, I almost didn't know it either, with the lack of just about anything to speak of there. We got Halo 3 Recon announced, and.... ... .... Bayonetta looks kind of cool? Aside from that, the biggest story seems to be that Capcom's RE team is apparently pulling their head out and giving us somewhat of an intuitive control scheme for RE5. Sucks that it's co-op centered. How the hell am I going to find anyone to play with when all my friends are either on US Central or Japan time, and we've all got full-time jobs to boot? And I for one ain't going near an AI-controlled partner. I'd sooner play her with my toes on my guitar controller.


Necovia said...

Hey dude,

I am now just recovering from TGS. It was fucking crazy! Easily the best three working days I have ever had. Not that the games there were all that good, but here's the highlights:

1. Meeting and hanging out with the Kotaku crew at the international party.Every one of them is awesome.

2. Meeting, hanging out, and becoming good buddies with the Destructoid crew. Those guys are really nice, and hilarious.

3. Getting 9(!) booth babe phone numbers.

4. Meeting Hideo Kojima.

5. Meeting Mr Futatsugi, the creator of Panzer Dragoon

6. Meeting Ryan Payton

7. Meeting and chatting with Benn Judd

8. Going to the Tecmo int'l party and hanging with Team Ninja (no Itagaki, obviously)

9. Winning a SFIV tournament and getting a hat.

10. Meeting the creators of the Penny Arcade game and talking business with them.

11. Getting free booze and food from Microsoft at two of their parties.

It was amazing. Plus, I made some awesome friends, and some great contacts. Working in the games industry rules!

Count Elmdor said...

Friggin Sweet. If I move back to Tokyo, will you pull some strings for me?

Must have been amazing to meet Kojima (and the booth babes).

I like how pretty much everyone in the games industry is cool and pretty approachable.

Necovia said...

You know it dude! I will hook you up. I may not be able to get you a job at Success, but I know tons of people now, and will hear of anything that comes up.

Kojima was really shy. Nice, but shy. And probably tired. I saw Koji Igarashi up close, but didn't have time to say hi.

The babes this year were off the heezy.

Move to Tokyo, dude!

necovia said...

Oh yeah, Chobot was there too.

Count Elmdor said...

I can't wait to come there and visit about a month from now. We're staying 2 nights, from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

I'm debating on whether to pick up a PSP 3000 while I'm there. What colors/packs are available? I saw a silver Ratchet & Clank bundle at Best Buy here yesterday...

Necovia! said...

Dude, I am totally stocked to see you as well. We are going to rock out like it was fucking Summer 2000 and the new Rage album just came out!

My whole schedule is cleared for hanging!

Count Elmdor said...

fuck yeah, lol

The only plans we have for Tokyo is meeting up with you guys and her friends. Other than that, just going to kick it and get some good food.

Greg said...


Have you all checked out new PSN user agreement. Beware the Playstation Network is not liable for any loss of data/content you may experience due to their automatic updates. By accepting the agreement, you authorize PSN to provide the automatic updates and will not hold them liable for any loss of data/content.

To me this means that if you lose downloaded games such as SuperStardust HD due to a PSN update, you are fucked. You'll have to repurchase it. Probably not likely to happen but it would be wise to back it up if you can. Actually, can you back up dowloaded games?

Count Elmdor said...

Isn't PSN just like XBL, where you can delete something you own and re-download it later at any time? Wii is like that.