Monday, June 25, 2012

Uninstall: Bloody Meat Cube Edition

This time around it's Super Meat Boy! It's a fine game; don't misunderstand me. I made it through the first world and a little bit more in the next and in the dark world--probably 25 stages all in all. The problem is that it's just not my bailiwick. There's not much of a hook for me right now, and as blisteringly difficult as the game is, I think a hook is required. So, as little storage space as was freed by doing so, I proceeded to uninstall.

Elsewise, I've been playing more Dota 2 and Diablo 3, of course. I've been playing Silencer lately in Dota. I'm having trouble getting last hits with him, though. I'm not sure if it's just that his attack animation is slow, or whether my lane partner is just quicker, or if I just have bad timing altogether. Fortunately, he can be built in manner that he can still provide support to the team for relatively little gold. I'd prefer to get more gold farm in on him, though, and build more like a semi-carry. It'll take more practice.

Diablo update: I'm farming Act I of Inferno, both for upgrades for myself, and for things to sell on the auction house. Auctions seem to have almost ground to a halt; I'm barely able to sell anything, and when I do it's for peanuts. Perhaps my bar for auctionability is set low. I did find two solid upgrades in the waist and chest slots for my wizard the other night, though, and both in the same session. Repair costs since the last patch are brutal, and eat heavily into anything gained on farming runs. Blizzard says they're going to back off wear and tear costs if not death costs, so hopefully the situation will improve.

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