Friday, May 6, 2011

Falling Behind

Man, it's like I haven't played anything over the last couple of weeks. Well, that's not exactly true. I did manage to get through the Portal 2 co-op mode with a friend. That was pretty fun. I tooled around in Portal 1 some, also. I guess Valve wasn't doing Steam Cloud back when I played through it on PC the first time, because I didn't have any saves or anything for it when I loaded it back up. That was well over two years ago, though. I'm not sure when they began the cloud thing. I need to finish up a playthrough to unlock all the challenge rooms and such. I'll bet my playthrough of Half-Life: Source is lost, too. Steam shows me having played 5 hours of that game, but I finished it, so something is off, there. Maybe they started tracking times when I was midway through.

So the resolution games for the last couple of weeks have been Sniper Elite, which I played about an hour of--pretty cool so far, very deliberate--and Trine, which I played about 45 minutes of just last night--also pretty cool, but no saving mid level? WTF? I'll need to replay almost all of that level, now.

I've been sick and otherwise indisposed lately, so I haven't played anything else but some Team Fortress 2. It's the perfect game to mess around in and kill off a couple of podcasts. Plus, I've been meaning to put more time into it forever to try out all the classes really well and to get a bunch of items. I found my second Gunslinger arm for the Engineer yesterday. I already have a vintage one though, so someone hit me up if you want a trade!


Greg said...

I haven't been "caught up" in such a long time I've just gotten used to being behind. There's no more falling for me, I've already hit the bottom!

I'm up to 39 hrs and change into my 1st play through of Mass Effect 2; my Shepard currently sits at level 18. I can now report that since putting disk 2 into my xbox, I have not been prompted to swap back to disk 1. This despite multiple gaming sessions, all of which were focused on side missions or loyalty type missions.

At this point, I'm avoiding any more Illusive Man assignments to make sure I don't accidentally get to a point of no return before I have finished building my team. Jacob, Miranda, and Jack are loyal. I finished Zaeed's mission but did not get his loyalty.

I took a bit of a detour and played through the Shadow Broker DLC. It was fun but not worth more than $5 to me. The boss battles were the best part and so far, the hardest I've encountered in ME2.

Count Elmdor said...

As far as a point of no return, I think the "Reaper IFF" mission is it. Do everything you can/want to do before that mission.

Greg said...

So ticked off right now. Just spent 1.5 hours completing Mordin's loyalty mission and game won't let me exit. The prompt comes up to end the mission but it won't let me do it. I'm just trapped in the lab and can't get out. Looks like I'll have to waste my time doing this one again...

Greg said...

Whew, bitched too soon! Autosave to the rescue! All I had to do was replay the final conversation in the lab and now have 1 more loyal team member.

Greg said...

Well, I went back on my plan a little bit. I replayed Thane's loyalty mission like 5 times before I finally go it right. I didn't want to lose another one. I suspect I will not get Samara's loyalty and she is the last crew member I have left.

Count Elmdor said...

ooh, Samara's loyalty mission is a good one. Don't miss out, ESPECIALLY if you play Renegade. I was shocked at what happened there.

Greg said...

No worries there. I played the mission and was rewarded with Samara's loyalty.

I am done with loyalty missions so now I need to work on who I'm going to bed. I am playing as a female Shepard that I inherited from my girl when she had to stop playing ME1 due to motion sickness. I started out ME2 saving my character for Kaiden but it didn't look like he was coming back. I figure you can only sleep with one of your recruits.

Then I stepped up my efforts to go lesbo and thought I had a chance with Jack until she started with the cold shoulder. Tali might work out. I told her I wanted to link up suits or something. We'll see what happens. I'm close to doing the IFF mission, perhaps as soon as tonight.

Count Elmdor said...

Is it actually possible to go lesbian in ME2? I know it wasn't in ME1, because I got the cold shoulder when I tried to get with Ashley. Liara is fair game, but her species are all omnisexual, anyway.

Greg said...

Not sure, probably not knowing my luck. I'm now doing some random "assignments" to level up a little more for extra squad points. I'm currently level 25 with almost 50 hours on the clock.

I've got way more resources than I seem to be able to utilize. I guess that is better than the alternative.

No IFF mission tonight. I got too sleepy.

Greg said...

Okay, ME2 romance subplot spoiler alert warning.

My Shepard got drilled by the Drell!!! Pretty underwhelming cutscene compared to the likes of God of War 3.

Anyway, I recorded the scene and will report back here when I post to youtube in case you are curious to check it out.

One other thing to note is that I might have f'ed up my final mission. I chose to send Legion to open the door from the inside of the enemy ship and Garus to lead the other team. We'll see what happens.

Count Elmdor said...

Yeah, I'd like to see that.

How did the suicide mission go?

Greg said...

Just did the suicide mission tonight and all went well (got the no one left behind achievement).

More spoilers below!

Since Zaeed was not loyal, I did not assign him to any specialist roles or make him the team lead. I also never brought him along with me in my team. I always made Garus captain of the other team and used Legion for Tech Specialist jobs.

I used Mordin and Jack whenever possible in combo with my Adept. My character was nearly 100% paragon by the time I started the final mission and became 100% by the end.

I recorded the final 10 minutes of the game which I hope to upload to youtube at some point.

Greg said...

Here is my Shepard's romance with Thane. No point in me posting it really since so many others have already done it.

Count Elmdor said...

lol "Be alive with me tonight."

I'd post one of Geralt's several romances in The Witcher 2, but it would get flagged and pulled off of Youtube in a hurry!