Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WoW/Mass Effect week 2

That's all this week has been about. It seems like I haven't played all that much, but I guess I have. It's all a blur, between reading more and doing other stuff in my free time, like car maintenance and social stuff.

I'm about 2/3 through the first Mass Effect book, and it's pretty good, actually. As for the game itself, I finally got off the Citadel and started hopping around the galaxy. My first destination was the planet where Liara, the Asari party member, was trapped. There was a Mako (planetside vehicle) section where I kept accidentally dying due to some odd texture bug of me not being able to see what part of the ground was lethal lava or acid or w/e it was. Upon freeing her, I had a boss fight of sorts against a Krogan merc and some geth, which I just narrowly managed to win. We finished that and got back to orbit, and I'm scouting some other uncharted worlds at the moment. I've heard it's best to ignore all the side stuff in ME, but I figure I'll do a little just to get a taste of it and stop before it becomes too mundane.

WoW-wise, I levelled my mage up to 20 before doing Wailing Caverns over the course of a long night, and am at 22 now. It was a pain getting a competent group together, and then once we did, half of them left midway through the instance. Luckily a higher level guy in our guild came and ran us through the rest of the instance, netting us some pretty sweet gear. The 3.2 patch hit yesterday, and so I was able to pick up my epic ground mount and my initial flyer on my warrior, and get my initial ground mound on my mage. I'd thought the patch was a little farther out and that I might take a break from the game (my subscription ends this week), but I'm not so sure now. I also have a server transfer (for my warrior) and the purchase of Wrath to contemplate, once I'm nearer to 70, at least.

Maybe I'll do a 3 month re-sub and see if there's a FFXIV beta by the end of that time to jump into. I can see myself sticking to WoW, at least on and off, for a long time.


Greg said...

Just finished Mass Effect and really enjoyed it. It was pretty easy on the normal difficulty setting. I think I spent about 22 hours for this first playthrough but I ignored most of the side-quests.

Count Elmdor said...

Nice! Which alignment did you play through as, and are you going to do another?

BTW, I finished the "Revelations" novel, and it wasn't bad! It goes into some Anderson and Saren backstory.

Greg said...

I was wondering about the novels. I heard they were only good if you are into the game but perhaps that was a bit harsh.

This is going to sound bad but I didn't really know which alignment I played as until I checked with my awesome GF tonight!!! You see, she started the character and then decided she couldn't continue to play due to video game induced motion sickness. However, she was very into the story and forced me to play at gunpoint so she could see more of the tale.

So, I finished it off her game as a female Soldier.

I do plan to playthrough again but this time as a male biotic using character.