Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Pick-ups

These are the few things I got this month. Street Fighter and Crackdown both were $12.99, great deals. Rock Band 2 was full price, but 100% store credit on trades that I'd had built up. Bonus points for using a mirror to read this post.

This week I've been pretty busy, but when I have been playing, it's been Crackdown exclusively.


Catherine said...

Is that a Photo Booth shot I spy? You can make it reflect things properly in the Preferences if you like. :)

I'm depressed b/c none of my systems will play Fallout 3 :( But I saw some entry level core2duo machines which I can easily pimp for around $500AUD which is nice... gonna wait for my old housemate to cough up for the furniture he's buying from me, lol :)

Count Elmdor said...

lol, yeah, I forgot to mirror the image before I uploaded it. Our digicam is in Japan at the moment, so I had to rock the Photo Booth.

Fallout 3 looks really good. I'm definitely going to get that, probably on PC sometime next Spring.

Necovia said...

Hey dude,

Give me a call when you get out here:


Regarding your time in Tokyo, we have amazing sushi and karaoke planned for Saturday. Figure you'll want to hit up Akiba, right? Anything else? Shibuya crossing?


Count Elmdor said...

Yeah, all of the above. I'll give you a call once I'm there (well, probably the next day). I get there Sunday evening Japan time. I got AC and RB both for you guys, too.

Tonight I went to a book signing and met Brandon Sanderson, the guy RJ's wife selected to finish WoT. He's only about our age, and he's written 5 or 6 epic fantasy novels. Seems like a good guy and from the way he talks he sounds like he ought to do a good job. I picked up one of his books, Elantris, and got it signed, exchanged a few words, etc. He took Q&A time, and every other question was about the WoT book, naturally. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Necovia said...

Fuck yeah! The first election I'm pleased with in about 12 years!

Go Big Daddy O!

Anonymous said...

yeah, dude, I can see your 日本語 just fine.

Count Elmdor said...

cool. Ryoko was asking what twitter was and if it worked in Japanese.