Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Faces

I've been in Japan lately meeting with friends, a couple of which I've invited to co-author this blog with me, should they have anything they wish to contribute.  I'll leave it to them to introduce themselves, and if they want to contribute gamer cards and backlog info and such, I'll add that to the layout, as well.

Oh, and if anyone else out there is interested in contributing something here and there,  just let me know.  There's no money involved, or anything like that (I think the readership here is like 5 people, lol), but there is stimulating discussion to be had!


Catherine said...

I can write gamey things occasionally if you like! But I'm not usually up with the latest things. :(

Count Elmdor said...

That's fine! I've always just written about whatever I'm playing, no matter how old it is. If there's something that's got you thinking, and you want to put it out there, feel free. I'll enable you to post.