Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Million Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood

...and sorry I cannot travel them all.

I finished up Call of Duty (the first) this past weekend, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I'm tempted to jump right into the expansion, United Assault, I think it's called, but I should probably knock out at least something else from my stable of games 'in progress,' first.  What, though, is the question.

Waffling, I have dabbled a little in Rez HD and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 the past couple of nights.  I'll never quite get the former, though it is a curious flashy thing.  I'm not sure how much longer I'll be playing the latter, either.  I'm considering letting my Live account fall to silver level.  There's plenty of good shooters that I own on Steam and that are currently neglected.  I don't play online enou----oh fuck, I just realized that I have to stay gold to maintain Netflix instant watch.  Goddamn you, Microsoft.  I guess that settles that.

I have enough RPGs in my backlog that the single genre could probably equal the playtime of all other games on the list, so I'm thinking I need to constantly be working on one amongst everything else.  Planescape is down, and currently I'm working my way (slowly) through The Witcher.  It's great, and I'll have more to say about it on the next Call Of Podcast.  I kind of want to hit Fallout (the first) next, but who can say.  It may be months before I'm done with Geralt of Rivia.

I've played a little bit of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker every day since purchasing it.  It's good for an hour here and there; a quick 2-3 missions, some Mother Base maintenance, and I'm done.  It's definitely a descendant of Portable Ops, but done better.  I did go back and try the controls in PO, and PW's are an improvement on one variant of that game.  There are key differences though, that are not reproduceable in PO.  I won't go into them, but suffice it to say that PW's setup is better, overall.  Peace Walker is satisfying in a long-term growth kind of way, but the individual missions so far have been pretty easy.  I've had one major 'boss' fight, and it was on a whole other level from the rest of them.  It was pretty tough to do the stealthy, recruit/abduct everyone way, but pretty satisfying when I finally pulled it off.  I'm into the game, so far, just not head over heels, yet.


Tankzilla said...

I say let it lapse. Can't you just use netflix on one of your other consoles? I have a gold subscription that I accidentally let renew, I keep halo 3 and gears 2 around, but I never play them. I'm hoping there will be some good sales at least.

I would like to pick up REZ HD on sale, I've never played it and I'd like to try that curious flashy thing for myself.

Greg said...

Damn, I became a playstation + member and thought I would check out Qore since the latest episode is free. Holy hell, I've been downloading it for the past 2+ hours now and I'm only at 78%. If this show isn't stellar, I'll never bother to download again.

Tank has a great point there about NetFlix. When I joined, they sent me a free CD for my PS3 and the Wii. I think you just have to log into netflix and update your streaming platform options. That should trigger them to mail off the CDs to you.

Count Elmdor said...

I could get Netflix on my PS3, yeah, but then I'd have to swap discs! And sad as it is, that's probably enough to clench the deal when added to the fact that I like Battlefield and Halo. Plus now MS is making you be a gold member to get discounts on their weekly deals.

Slightly related to this is Battlefield 1943, which I bought on PSN. It's being a laggy piece of shit, and I hear the same is true of the PS3 version of BC2, and that the XBL version of 1943 has no such problems. I kind of wish I'd gotten it on XBL instead, now...