Monday, July 19, 2010

Changing The Rules Mid-Game

The sheer number of good games that are coming out these days combined with gems from the past acquired at very little cost have made my backlog incredible.  I've been operating this year at a more or less one in, one out pace, which does nothing to thin out the pile.  I've contemplated even just trying to go for a year without buying any new games as a measure to catch up, but I'll keep that as an option of last resort.  For now I'm going to double the cost in completions of new games priced at $10 and above.  That should help some, first just by basic math, but secondly by requiring me to narrow my interests some.  It used to be that a gamer could play just about everything that was any good, and I think I've been operating in that mindset for way too long.  In other words, I'm getting too old for this shit.

There are other factors at play here, too, though, like the facts that I tend toward long RPGs, other long-term experiences that demand skill and experience, multiplayer games, or MMOs.  I just don't hit a lot of the sub-10 hour campaign experiences anymore.  This is not to mention my limited time for gaming, as someone with a full time job, long commute, and family.  Those things considered, I do get to spend a heck of a lot of time gaming, easily 2-3 hours most days, if I so desire.  It comes at the cost of watching no TV and less movies and reading less, but still.

I'd thought to wait until the new year to adjust my policy, but all this is just getting out of hand.


Greg said...

Now is no time for completion tokens! I know you hate Gamestop (I don't care for them much either) but they are having a sale which includes God of War 3, new, for $29.99.

Darksiders on 360 and PS3 are also $19.99 but I'm not interested in a Zelda clone...

Count Elmdor said...

I know, leave it to happen just after I decide that, lol.

I'd really like to get Bayonetta for $17 from Gamefly, and I want GoW3 and Darksiders at some point, too!

But alas, I have games here that need finishing!

Greg said...

Well, no rush on God of War 3 for $29.99, it will eventually hit that price when it joins the Greatest Hits line.