Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two New Contenders Enter The Ring

The Royal Rumble of my gaming time continues to get more and more packed. Borderlands and Torchlight come available this week on Steam, and I'm looking forward to playing both.

The last couple of weeks have actually been pretty sparse in terms of gaming. I played a few hours of Dawn of War II two weekends ago, and had a couple of sessions of Firefight, both times teamed up with one other, played just a bit of Yakuza 2, a little TF2 here and there, and a few minutes each of Rock Band and Red Faction: Guerilla, showing a friend how awesome it is. Oh, and there were two post-podcast sessions of Demigod, too.

It's been so light due to being sick, tired, busy, and spending time watching movies and reading. I'm reading Halo: The Fall of Reach at the moment. It's pretty good for a book based on a video game universe! Three of the existing 6 Halo books are by this author, so I'm pretty sure those at least will be worthwhile, too. The two Mass Effect novels I read were decent, but I'd say this is a little better. I was kind of worried that delving too much into the fiction would ruin my 'blank slate' picture of the Chief, and I guess that has been supplanted somewhat, but I'm not exactly put off by what the novel has presented.


Greg said...

Demon's Souls? I should be playing it but for some reason I was content just to purchase it, pop it in the system to make sure it worked, and then stare at the pretty cover art.

Got my copy of Forza 3 last night and enjoyed that for about an hour. The in-car view is great but I still hate the idea of making players start out racing volkswagon bugs and the like. I mean honestly, who buys a racing game so that can be forced to barely break the speed limit with some slug of a street legal production car?

Greg said...

Can anyone tell just where in the hell is this week's podcast?!! (tapping foot)

Hope you all had a fun and safe halloween. We've got some huge November releases coming up. Out of them all, I am surprised that I think I am most looking forward to the new mario game on Wii. Have I lost my marbles? Surely I'm too old for that crap but dammit, the game looks fun and I can do co-op. My girlfriend is even looking forward to it.

Finally I will have a good reason to fire up my Wii again. I might even pre-order the damn thing.

Count Elmdor said...

lol, sorry for the delay. The show is up now!

I'm with you, NSMB Wii does look like fun. Hopefully I get it for Xmas or something. I've bought soooo many games this year. Thankfully most of them were bought at awesome discounts!

Greg said...

Cool, enjoyed the new podcast. I was listening on a pair of headphones and could hear some weird background noises coming through. At some points it sounded like one of you had a neighbor playing some bass heavy music in the background. Not sure if that was an artifact or real.

Seems like everyone is swinging on Modern Warfare 2's nuts and I really don't get it. The realistic military shooter genre seems so boring and unimaginitive to me, I feel like all the hype is unjustified. This wasn't even on my game radar but now I will need to check the buzz to make sure I'm not missing out on an experience I will find enjoyable.

Count Elmdor said...

cool, glad you liked it. We're still working on the sound quality some. I had to turn off my big pc because of the loud fan this time, lol. Este needs a better mic. I just use the one built into my macbook, actually.

COD4 was never something I wanted to play, but a guy at work loaned it to me, and I actually really enjoyed the campaign. It's got some lame "tripwire" trigger spawns, but if you can get past that and the extreme linearity, it's a good ride. Hopefully that guy will buy MW2 also!

Greg said...

Per Gamespot's review, Dragon Age is best enjoyed on the PC. I definitely won't pay top dollar for an inferior console version so this just got demoted to a platinum hits purchase for me.

Count Elmdor said...

yeah, I can see that. Mass Effect was same deal, ME2 probably will be, too.

On the plus side, don't hesitate to pick up Borderlands on the 360. It's at least on par with the current state of the PC version...