Monday, August 10, 2009

WoW/Mass Effect round 3!

I really need to play some new stuff! That shouldn't be a problem for a few weeks, because my WoW sub ended this weekend, after I grabbed some gear and a level on my warrior, and ran a couple of instances on my mage.

Lonesteban and I rustled up some people and plowed through Shadowfang Keep and Blackfathom Deeps, getting a bunch of sweet loot and a couple of levels in the process. I'm now at 25 on my mage. My warrior is at 63, and I've been grinding out pvp dailies for gear and other dailies for a special mount. WoW is really good, but I'm going to take this opportunity for a short break from the game so I can concentrate on a few others.

I've been playing Mass Effect, of course, and according to one estimate I am around 65% of the way through, already! It feels like I'm just getting started! I've only been to a couple of story-related worlds once out from the Citadel, and only two or three uncharted worlds, though I do have over 14 hours on the clock. This is a great game, and I really like the gunplay, even if it's not quite as visceral and responsive as something like Gears of War.

Since my Shepard is an Infiltrator (guns/tech mix), I'm using Ashley (heavy guns) and Liara (heavy biotics) to fill out my squad. It seems to be working alright so far, since I haven't had a full party wipe yet, though I have come close once. I have the difficulty on easy, though, I think.
I'll have to up it some for my next playthrough, since I plan to go paragon/male at some point. Being a renegade is tough; sometimes you come off like a real jerk. I even ended up executing this one person. Specters are given those rights by the Council, though, so anything goes in pursuit of the mission.

EVE Online is 5 bucks on Steam this week, and Jumpgate Evolution has a beta going on that it looks like is open for anyone. I plan to check one or both of these out.

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