Monday, June 22, 2009

Tenebrous Maelstrom of Umbral Inferno

This is what my mind is like when I try to recall the games I played over the last week. I've been kind of busy. Let's do a list with quick and dirty impressions:

Hitman: Blood Money PC demo - good, but kind of low-fi, Xbox 1 gen-looking.
Vanguard Storm lite - simple FFTA-style strategy. $5? Not a good price on the app store.
GeoDefense lite - coolest tower defense I've played on iPhone. Didn't buy it, though.
UniWar Lite - complex hex-based 3-way strategy. Need to play more.
Einhander - still really hard, still fucking awesome.
Pixel Junk Monsters - probably coolest tower defense game I've played at all (short time only)
Super Stardust HD - played a couple of games. Already nearing Lonesteban's high score. Makes me want to play more Geometry Wars 2, too.
World of Warcraft - jumped in and killed some stuff for the first time in a month. Currently killing stuff in The Blasted Lands. Still level 52.
Red Faction: Guerilla - liberated Badlands, finished all guerilla actions up to and into Oasis, still having a ball. Most fun game in a while. So great.

I picked up Twilight Princess again after playing the initial couple of hours probably a year ago. I figured it's about time I played a Wii game, and since it's been years and years since I really played a Zelda game (the last was Ocarina of Time), where better to start? So far I've played through the first dungeon, the Forest Temple, got the boomerang, and made my way across Hyrule Field to Kakariko Village. The dungeon took me a while to get through. It was really well designed, though. It will be cool to get further into the game and see more. It's really similar to OoT in a lot of ways, so far.

I never played Wind Waker past a couple of hours in, when someone asked me to go collect butterflies for him. I kind of wish I had stuck with it now, though. Ah well, Twilight Princess it is. I have Phantom Hourglass for DS, too.

The Wii may end up getting a lot of play in the latter half of the year. Besides Zelda, I have Super Mario Galaxy to play through, and I'm more excited than I should be about both Metroid Prime Trilogy and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Who knows, I might dip into VC stuff at some point, too. I want to play FFIV: The After Years...


Greg said...

Speaking of Lonesteban, did he die or something? Guy hasn't made a post in ages...

Anonymous said...


Not dead, man! Just haven't been around. Plus, I get to chat with Nas all day at work, so I hear about all this stuff anyway. But thanks for thinking of me!

Nas, what were the ipod games you recommended? is idrac any good?


Count Elmdor said...

iDracula is pretty good, yeah. Lately I've been playing Galaxy on Fire and Rogue.

Kamanie said...

LOL. Glad your doing ok man, I was worried for a bit.

Anywho. I picked up a madcatz pad just for SFIV and guess what? I still suck!!

(Greg) posting under gf's account

Kamanie said...

Metal interlude:

check this out: very harmonic metal.

Kamanie said...

This is very, very unique. Check it out. I've never heard anything quite like it.

Count Elmdor said...

Good stuff. When you can separate out the wheat from the chaff, metal is an amazing scene. Not a lot gets me pumped like a good riff.