Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Uninteresting Files

That's pretty much what this blog is fast becoming, the more I play WoW. The funny thing is that I haven't spent all that much time playing WoW, it's just been a disproportionate amount of my gaming time, altogether. As far as I can recall since last I wrote, I have made it to level 45, done a bunch of exploring around the world, and dropped Blacksmithing as a profession, replacing it with Skinning, instead, in an effort to both make more gold and to streamline my play experience. I'm not that into combing the AH for mats to collect for big complicated recipes, but I do like going out and killing and looting stuff!

I got that Green Hills of Stranglethorn achivement, finally finished the Warrior quest to get my Whirlwind Axe (long after twinks would have discarded it, no doubt), and did a bunch of other quests in random places. I finally visited the last Horde city, Silvermoon, in the blood elf starting area. Leaving from there I discovered a handful of other zones I had not yet been to, including The Hinterlands, The Badlands, Loch Modan, and Searing Gorge, I think. I had about half an hour of a podcast to kill last night, so I thought I'd jump into WoW to do it. I wasn't really feeling it, though, so after just one short quest I was done for the night. I might shelve it altogether until the weekend.

I got back into Far Cry 2 a couple of nights last week, doing a couple of missions and taking over some safehouses and finding some diamonds. I can see that there's a ton of fighting checkpoint guards and roaming death squads in the game, but it hasn't really bugged me yet. I get the same thing from the leapgate hacking in Galactrix. I've heard all about how much of an annoying hassle it is, but it just hasn't gotten to me yet. Similarly, I'd heard that the ending of Assassin's Creed was a huge letdown, but since I knew to expect that, I was strangely accepting of it. I think if you go into something with your expectations tempered a bit, your reactions aren't so volatile. I really dig Far Cry 2 so far, though. I'm still just like 3% into it or something ridiculous, though.

I just downloaded a free iphone game, Dark Nova, to get me through some idiotic training meeting thing at work. It's a kind of space trading thing.

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