Sunday, March 2, 2008

knockin' 'em down

This was a good weekend for the Pile of Shame. I woke up on Saturday and finally managed to knock out Rez HD (for the first time). The end sequence with the computer program lady was giving me trouble, but I managed to get up to that part still in the highest evolution state (the infant), and so had enough life to withstand a few hits in the course of zapping her to death. Maybe I zapped her to life? It's a very psychedelic encounter.

Then, tonight, in the culmination of a good two-to-three week run, I finished Jeanne D'Arc's crusade to save France (and all the world) from demonically possessed English king Henry VI. There exists additional content within the game, but if you take one glance over at the Pile of Shame, you'll understand why I don't dig deeper. A few of the last battles proved pretty difficult, and it wasn't until I turned to Rufus, who had sucked for most of the game, that I was able to defeat the child-king. I gave Rufus the Two Rounds stone that let him get in back-to-back swings with his big axe, and his newfound might was such that it could cleave the boy ruler's mighty demonic defenses and lay bare the foul possessor to my squad's fell magicks and sharp steel.

So kick another two up on to the 2008 pile o' skulls (of defeated videogames). This year, we dine in Hell!

Speaking of Spartans, I got a free demo of the soon-to-be-released God of War: Chains of Olympus when I pre-ordered said game at my local EB. If I don't like the demo, I'll just move my pre-order over to Ninja Gaiden DS or something. I went in there to put some money down on MGS4, to ensure I get into the Metal Gear Online beta (though the guys in the store of course had no clue what I was talking about when I mentioned it), and I also found a copy of the MGS Digital Graphic Novel, so I picked that up for about 12 bucks. The PSP is starting to really rival the DS for the spot of my favorite portable this generation.

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