Friday, June 14, 2013

An Independent Nevada

In the end, I decided that the NCR was overextending itself, and that the dwellers of the Mojave Wasteland should be able to live independent of their strained and corrupt bureaucracy, the tyranny of Mr. House's rule, or the brutish enslavement and likely extermination Caesar's Legion would bring. I picked up what was left of Benny's plan to seize New Vegas for himself, and used the power of Mr. House's upgraded securitron army and a deft diplomatic touch to wrestle control of Hoover Dam and New Vegas away from either the NCR or the Legion, and let its power flow across the Mojave for the benefit of the locals.

I envision Nevada as an independent, neutral buffer zone between the NCR to the west, Caesar to the east, and a new Great Khan/Followers of the Apocalypse empire to the North. Most of the epilogue slides in the ending I left me confident in the future of the Mojave, with a few exceptions due to undiscovered or incomplete questlines. I still have the four DLC questlines and a lot of other sidequests in the main game to do. There are apparently some Enclave remnants I never found, as well as the home of the Powder Gangers left to clean up, and several companions' questlines undone, as well. Neither did I ever get any of that cool looking NCR/Desert Ranger armor featured in the game's promo materials. The non-factionalized variants are only found in DLC locations, from what I have seen on the Fallout wiki. I didn't want to join the NCR, and I didn't want to kill one of their veteran rangers or otherwise acquire their armor and then have to deal with everyone taking me for NCR, since wearing it identifies you as such even if you are not (it doubles as a disguise).

I wanted to remain an independent force acting on my own for the Mojave, and wanted to keep myself outfitted as such.

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